Hitting Packages

ASP Hitting Clubs

The ASP Hitting Club is the most interactive and affordable hitting package that we offer! Hitters will train in small groups of no more than 6 while following the program and instruction from both Coach Bill Goudy and Coach Andrew DiTullio! 


Lessons will include: Movement Assessment and Training, Individualized Drill Work, Swing Analysis, Live at bats on the HitTrax.


The group hitting lessons look to create a competative but still personalized hitting experience!

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High School Hitting Club

Elementary/Middle School Hitting Club

12 Week Elite Hitting Development Program 

12 Week hitting programs that allow players to progress to the next level of foundation of hitting while gaining a better understanding of their own functional movements and analysis for success on the diamond.

Level 1 _ Hitting Foundations
This Program allows the Athlete to have a foundation of understanding of how the body works to create energy in the swing. The Athlete learns valuable functional information in relation to their own body to garner in game success.

Level 2- Intermediate Skills Development
This program allows the athlete to take the foundation in level 1 and start to apply in Practice with a build up to routine and pitch recognition. The Athlete will have a better understanding of what their own personal swing should look like based on their physical capabilities.

Level 3- Advanced Skills Development
This Program allows the Athlete to now take their skill development into a game setting. They will learn the preparation for in game hitting, develop tempo through their lower body and active hands, sequencing, trouble shooting inhibitors, staying connected to their power source and pitch recognition.

Level 4- High Level Hitting
This Program allows the Athlete to prepare for Success in Game at a High Level. It takkes the athlete from Pre-Game to the Dugout to the On deck Circle to the Batters Box. Preparation is Key to Success. It teaches how to maximize potential via sequencing, personal strike zone awareness, pitch recognition, extreme fastball Velo and Situational Hitting. 

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