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Collegiate Development Program

Returns Summer 2022


Program Includes:


1) Complete initial and post training assessments and evaluations 

  • Range of Motion/Mobility/Movement Assessment 

  • Speed/Strength/Power Assessment 

  • Sport Specific Assessment (video mechanical analysis and data collection) 


2) Training 6x/week 

  • Individually designed strength training 

  • Movement (speed/agility/power/sport specific)


3) Weekly Hitting or Pitching Instruction 

  • Utilizing video, HitTrax, and Rapsodo Technology

  • Daily program included for non-instruction days


4) Open Mound & Hitting Times  for extra work 


5) Weekly Manual Therapy/Mobility/Arm Care Session 


6) Weekly Nutrition Meeting and check in 

7) Daily Throwing Program

8) Live at-bats/game situations

Important Notes: 


1. This is the most comprehensive program that we have ever implemented at ASP. This program will give athletes the “college training feel” as it will be exclusive to college baseball players and, because this is a 6x/week program, it will mimic a typical college practice and training schedule. 


2. We have made the training times earlier in the day so that athletes may work in the afternoon/evenings. 


***It is NOT RECOMMENDED that CDP participants play in summer leagues***


3. It is expected that athletes will attend nearly all of the sessions for the entire program. We offer more flexible (but less comprehensive) programs for athletes who are not able to make the full commitment. 

Apply Here

Can you commit to training 6 days per week for the full 10-week program?
Are you playing in a summer league?
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