Summer 2020

Collegiate Baseball Development Program

Program Includes 12 Weeks of: 


1) Complete initial and post training assessments and evaluations 

  • Range of Motion/Mobility/Movement Assessment 

  • Speed/Strength/Power Assessment 

  • Sport Specific Assessment (video mechanical analysis and data collection) 


2) Training 6x/week (11-12:30pm Monday - Saturday)

  • Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday—Individually designed strength training 

  • Wednesday/Saturday—Movement (speed/agility/power/sport specific) 

  • Program designed/implemented by Travis Hash and Josh Berenbach 


3) 1x/week Hitting or Pitching Instruction (Monday/Tuesday Prior to Lifts) 

  • Daily program included for non-instruction days


4) Open Mound & Hitting Times Monday-Friday 12:30-1:30pm for extra work (will include throwing/hitting program and drills to ensure the open times are productive) 


5) 1x/Week Manual Therapy/Mobility/Arm Care Session (Individually scheduled) 


6) 1x/Week Nutrition Meeting and check in (Individually Scheduled) 


7) College Summer Baseball Performance Program Shirt (Logo Above) 


Important Notes: 


1. This is the most comprehensive program that we have ever implemented at ASP. This program will give athletes the “college training feel” as it will be exclusive to college baseball players and, because this is a 6x/week program, it will mimic a typical college practice and training schedule. 


2. We have made the training times earlier in the day so that athletes may work and/or participate in summer league games in the afternoon/evenings. 


***It is NOT RECOMMENDED that PITCHERS play in summer leagues as they will be throwing multiple times per week as part of the program. 


3. It is expected that athletes will attend all sessions for the entire 12 weeks of the program. We offer more flexible (but less comprehensive) programs for athletes who are not able to make the full commitment. The only exception is that we will give all athletes July 4th weekend off from training. 

Program Cost and Payment Info


*Cost of the program reflects all of the services above*



Payment Option 1: Full Payment 

    • Full Payment of $900 

    • Due by May 20, 2020


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