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Baseball & Softball

College Development Program

Baseball & Softball 

  • Daily Hitting Instruction

    • Utilizing Video, Hittrax, and  Biomechanics Technology.

  • Pitching Instruction (Baseball Only)

    • Utilizing video, Rapsodo, and Biomechanics Technology.


  • Throwing Program

  • Fielding Instruction



  • Training 4x/week 

    • Individually designed strength training 

    • Movement Training (speed/agility/power/sport specific)

  • Performance Testing and Assessments 

  • Nutrition Coaching

Important Notes & General Schedule: 


This is the most comprehensive program that we have to offer here at ASP. This program will give athletes a true college training feel as it will be EXCLUSIVE TO COLLEGE BASEBALL & SOFTBALL PLAYERS, include individualized strength training, speed training, baseball skills training (hitting, throwing, fielding, pitching), and live game reps.  


June 10 - August 16

*Dates can be adjusted if athletes need to start earlier/stay later*

Training Days:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

*Schedule will be adjusted the week of Independence Day*

Daily Schedule:

Group 1 S&C 9-10a, Hitting 10-11a

Group 2 Hitting 9-10a, S&C 10-11a

Full Group Fielding 11-12p (1-2x/week)

Pitcher Bullpens 11-12p (Scheduled as Needed 1-2x/week)

**Groups will be assigned after registration is complete**

Register Before 5/15 to SAVE $100!!

After registration/payment we will reach out to you to collect additional information to ensure the best possible training experience this summer! 

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