ASP Hitting Academy

The ASP Hitting Academy has been revamped and redesigned in effort to provide an even more individualized and comprehensive experience for our athletes!

What's New?

  • The Tier System- Athletes will be grouped based on their current ability level. This will allow our coaches to better select the drills that will help each athlete at their current developmental stage. Athletes will have the ability to progress through the different tiers as they advance in the program!

  • Check Point Skills Assessments- Athletes will be assessed on movement, performance, and conceptual skills related to hitting. This assessment will be used to track progress, development, and serve as a benchmark to progress athletes through the tier system. 

  • Monthly Billing- Historically the hitting academy has been a full 12 month commitment. For the newly improved version, we have switched to an open ended contract with automatic monthly billing. 

What's the Same?

The ASP Hitting Academy will still reign as the most complete hitting program around as it allows access to all of our instrcutors and utilizes all of our technology (HitTrax, 4D Motion, WinReality) to the fullest extent!

This program is open for rolling admission and is application only. 


ASP Pitching Academy

The ASP Pitching Academy is a 3-month program that is designed to prepare high school pitchers for the upcoming season. This program includes individualized arm care drills, throwing programs, pitch design, competitive bullpens, and data collection using the Rapsodo!

This program is a 3-month commitment and spots will be limited to ensure the highest level of individualized coaching and programming possible.

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